Hi, we are running NW 6.5 SP6 with Zenworks 7.01. Our laptops are working
fine until we upgrade them to 4.91 SP4. On bootup they come up with the
workstation only checkbox checked. We have excellent wireless connection.
We do have the Workstation Only if not connected setting on in the client,
but we don't have this problem until upgrading to SP4. If the laptop is
connected to ethernet, it doesn't have the problem. If we hit cancel on
the login screen it finds the network and we can login. It looks like it
is trying to find the network before the NIC is up. We are a large school
district and the users don't usually have to look for this box to be
checked. So we will get many calls saying the can't get to there docs, not
knowing that they logged in workstation only. Any help is appreciated.