I don't know if this is the right place to post my concern. If it so,
please remove it. Thanks.

Our Netware 6 server with ZENworks 4 have done every day a great job,
but now we buy a new server hardware, Netware OS 6.5 and ZENworks 7.
First thought was to migrate from Netware 6 to Netware 6.5 using the
migration utilities from Novell. This days I speaking with the Novell
customer care, but nobody know what will be happen after the migration
to Netware 6.5 is finished. They told me that it is possible, that
ZENworks 4 will not work.

Next thought was to integrate the new Netware 6.5 server in the
existing NDS Tree and install ZENworks 7 on the new server. At this
moment ZENworks 4 and ZENworks 7 will be together in the NDS. I'm
reading the online documentation of ZENworks 7, but this is very rare
in this case.

Now some questions:

What will happen in the NDS if there are ZENworks objects from both
ZENworks versions?

Should we really deinstall our ZENworks 4 with all settings for
users/groups/images before we prepare the NDS for Netware 6.5? Many
settings must be restored after installation of ZENworks 7.

Is there any solution to upgrade Netware and ZENworks together in one

Thanks for your efforts