I have distributed Zen7SP1 with AgentDistributor on several workstations
with Zen65SP2.
On some workstation user cannot login after installation (workstations
reboots after login).

I have try to resolve this problem with new patches for NWClient 4.91SP4 and
Zen4SP1HP6 but it did not help.
I have to uninstall ZenWorks Agent and then reinstall the old verion
The problem seems to be in the wrong NWgina.dll version.

We have WinXPSP2 with NWClient 4.9SP2 - 4.91SP4 and Zen65SP2 on the
On the server we have OES1SP2 with Zen7SP1.

How can I ensure that Zen7SP1 installation was correctly?
Any ideas?