Hi, My aim is to have the server copy a file from one server to the other
via a batch file using toolbox.

I am trying to copy the dsrepair file created in
wftech3/sys:/system/dsr_dib/00000000.$DU to wftech1/data:/edirbak/

I will make a weekly backup of this file but would like to setup a batch
file to run this...i have tried to use toolbox, but am not sure if i am
using it correctly i keep getting a error message:

TOOLBOX: Authentication failed to wftech1
NWDSLogin error: Check username [-601]
LoginToFileServer error: Unknown server or username [252]

This is what i have in my current batch file which is causing the above

chdir wftech3/sys:/system/dsr_dib
cp wftech3/sys:/system/dsr_dib/00000000.$DU wftech1/data:/edirbak/
admin.wftech password

Any help would be greatful as to what i can do to get this working as it
would help with other things as well - copying files from server to server.