In the past, when I deleted a printer from a print manager, it would bring up a message on any workstation with that printer installed saying something to the effect of "the administrator has removed printer xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxxx."

Just recently, I've noticed that after deleting a printer from a print manager1, none of the printers are being removed from workstation. A workstation will instead report "error" in the status section of the printer in the printers/faxes menu instead of deleting anything or bringing up the message mentioned earlier.

I am gradually replacing printers from printmanager1 or printmanager2 over to printclustermanager ... The new printer manager is set up on OES SP2 while the old managers are on NW6.5 Server Version 5.70.06, NDPS manager 3.02 . I've seen this happen on the 4.28 iprint client and 4.30 client as well.

Am I missing something easy here?

-ben knorr
Westminster College
Salt Lake City, UT, USA