Looking for some help with roaming profiles.

Client is windows vista business 32 bit English, Filing to a Windows 2003
server. Active Directory has the home directory attribute set for the user.
Path is set to \\Servername\share\%Username% and is mapped to drive letter

AD User logs onto workstation and local profile is created, Homespace is
automatically mapped at logon and Drive F: is presented to desktop. Have
tested that user can create / add /delete files within their homespace.

I have applied some policies: Bookmarks, Printer Policy, DLU and Roaming
profile all work fine except the roamming profile.
Ideally I want to store the roaming profile inside the users homespace, like
I used to be able to with XP, Zen7.5 & Netware6.5.
I have tried various values in the path box, within the Roaming Policy, none
seem to work


For simplicity, I think I would prefer to use the local environment variable
%HOMEPATH% as the value within the roaming policy, but that doesn't work

I am considering importing a GPO with a roaming profile configured as the
above values do not seem to work. It seems to defeat the point of the ZCM
roaming policy though, If you have to revert to settings in GPO's.

Is this an Vista& ZCM bug, or an annoying quirk of windows servers that
roaming profiles can't be stored within a home directory ?
Must I create a dedicated server share just to house roaming profiles on my
windows server ?
The profile path is NOT set within the user attributes in AD.

I am thinking that the F: drive might not be available to the workstation,
at the time it attempts to create the network based profile, hence am using
UNC paths. Have others encountered similar issues ? Going to try XP
tommorrow to see if it is a vista only issue.

Thanks for your help,