We have 25 identical(?) recently installed NW6.5 servers with iPrint
No problems with creating printers has been observed on any of the other
servers except this one.

Facts: NW6.5 SP6 with iprntnw65sp6g

When trying to create a printer the following error message shows up right
after clicking OK on the first screen in iManager:

Error: Create Printer Failure
com.novell.service.ndps.NDPSException: NDPS Library Error: 700005h

When you click OK you get back to the Create Printer page.

A new printer agent have been created but is of course not bound.
When trying to delete the printer agent in the Print Manager console screen
the Print Manager hangs.
Restarted the server without Broker and Manager and manually deleted the
Print Manager database and the faulty printer agent is gone.
When creating a new printer the same situation occures again.

Any clues where to start looking?