Currently we have an accounting package that runs on Windows. But the
accounting software is installed on the computers of the two
accounting people and everyone else in the company uses a web-based
timekeeping software.

We are looking at a new package now that is entirely Windows server
based - nothing is web-based. The typical setup for this software is
for local users to have a shortcut to an executable on the server and
for wan and remote users to go through Terminal Server. I talked with
one of the technical guys (as opposed to the sales guy) and when he
found out we were running Novell, he recommended that we use terminal
server for everyone (local, wan, and remote) to simplify everything.

I have a nice, stable Novell network here, and I would rather not
introduce any unneeded complexities. I have to get Terminal Server
for the wan and remote users - that is a given - and since we only
have 80 users at the company, it appears to me that it would be
simpler to have everyone access the accounting software the same way.
But I'm curious as to your thoughts / experiences. Would you go with
Terminal Server for everyone or would you do it for just wan and
remote users and reconfigure all local user PCs to connect to a
Windows server?

Ken does a server good!