We got our first Vista system on site and I installed ifolder 2.1.1 on
it which seemed to go well. This is an existing user who is getting an
upgrade. I can log into ifolder and all of his data starts coming down,
I can see all of the files as they are being downloaded. There are 2
problems. I pointed ifolder to the Documents directory and they don't go
there. They seem to be going
c:\Programfiles\Novell\ifolder\username\home. In this directory (which
is the right size when compared to what is on the server), all of the
files show up as dir file and map files and S1 S2 files etc. I looks
alot like what you see in the account on the server. Don't know what's
going on here, this is our first attempt at Vista and ifolder. Any help
is appreciated.