Hi People,

We are in a migration project from ZENworks 3.0 to ZENworks 7 SP1 +HP6. We
have two trees :-


Client 4.90 +SP2 Client 4.91 SP3 after migration.
IDM 3.5 eDir............to..........IDM 3.5 eDir

In the CORP tree the client workstations are locked down by ZENworks 3
applied Group Policies to several merged NSA templates [ heavy lockdown]
and the users MUST login to this tree first - MANDATORY.

As part of the migration project to ZENworks 7 in the ZEN7 tree, we have
used IDM 3.5 and the TREE command [DestinationIndicator etc] to create
users in the ZEN7 tree when a user logs into the ZEN3 tree during the
migration process. A ZEN3 NAL application kicks off a ZEN7 MSIEXEC etc to
install the ZEN 7 Desktop Agent and the Cleint 4.91 ACU as part of the
migration process [the ZFD7 agent and ACU will configure new Context, Tree
etc on 2nd reboot].

Okay the problem..:-

1. Login into ZEN3 tree, and IDM creates a user in the ZEN7 tree under
placement rules. [ NOTE - at this point the users workstation does not
have history of the new ZEN7 tree and context in its registry !!].

2. DLU fails !!.

The solution is to try and get, on the first login to the ZEN3 tree, a
registry change to HKLM ....Tree & Context hive. The problem is we want to
populate the history with e.g :-


The schema rules of windows regitry does not allow two of the same tree
name to be added by reg key or any other means.

Obviously if we log into the ZEN7 [DA-TREE] first it will create history
and when logging back into ZEN3 tree will DLU and authenticate etc. This
is no good for us as the ZEN7 tree is not pre-populated with User leaf
objects and their is no USER - POLICY relationship to kick off DLU etc.

IS THERE ANY WAY AROUND THIS,as we must first log into the ZEN3 tree to
install new nwclient and ZFD7 agent etc. ??