We are planning to migrate our existing ZEN system (ZEN for Desktops
6.5sp2, running clustered on NetWare 6.5sp5) to a new, non-clustered
server running NetWare 6.5sp6. We would like to upgrade to ZEN for
Desktops 7 SP1 R2 at the same time.

I plan to migrate the data from the old server to the new server with
the server consolidation utility and then run the install of ZfD 7 on
the new server on top of the old 6.5 data. A couple of questions:

1) Is there any issues with going from 6.5sp2 straight to 7sp1r2?

2) Is it worth performing the upgrade on the old existing server before
migrating the data to the new server?

3) I understand some system files are located in different locations
when ZEN is clustered (eg, ZEN:\system instead of SYS:\system). Will
this be picked up when installing on the new unclustered server, or is
this not even significant?

Thanks for your help,


Craig Holyoak
IT Support Officer @ Redlands College