Hi Guys,

Have finally moved my last volume in our cluster - with one small issue.
When I migrate the volume to another node i get the following messages as
the pool is activating.

Activating pool "VOL3"...
** Pool layout v43.02
** Pool Owmership Detection (this may take 30 seconds to complete)
** Previous clean shutdown detected (consistency check OK)
** Loading system objects
** Processing volume purge log
** ....................
** Processing pool purge log
** .

The pool activates and the volume mounts but with the delay. This means
that users are loosing connection while this process occurs

Any suggestions as to what I can do. I can't find anything on the
knowledgebase using those keywords. I've checked the Attrributes in the
Other tab of ConsoleOne and the Host Server, etc is the cluster server it
should be. I have also tried deleting the cluster resources and
recreating it.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation...