For a fair while now, I have had a Netware 6.5 Server SP5 crash every
second night during backup. This server is getting backed up by another
server. Using Brightstor 11.1 SP2.
Now if I take VOL1 out of the backup on this server, the server doesn't
crash. So it is something to do with VOL1. I have tried nss pool verifys
and I have needed to do rebuilds. Still no luck.
I have shutdown Zenworks and left the Zenworks directory and databases
out of the backup, still no luck.
But if I includ VOL1 back in, it crashes again, even with Zenworks left
I am running out of ideas and now I am starting to leave some folders
out just in case there is corruption in the data somewhere. See how I go
from there.
But any suggestions or ideas would be muchly appreciated.