Hi all,

I have an issue with one NetWare 6.5.6 server. The server's SYS: volume
should about just about normal NetWare data but the 36 GB volume is almost

Console Monitor (monitor.nlm) shows SYS: as 35899 MB capacity & 100% full.
This means that SYS: volume should have about 35 GB of data.

When I check all SYS: volumes files & folders via Windows Explorer and
look at the properties, the following stats are shown:
- 147 784 files, 7816 folders
- size: 2.60 GB (2 793 077 298 bytes)

==> this means that 33 GB of disk space is missing.

I tried repair with TID 10100720 (Missing disk space) instructions but
without help. Run 3 times NSS /POOLREBUILD=SYS /PURGE but no disk space
was recovered.

What could I try next?