Hello to all,

For the past few years I have been away from administering NW.. The
last time I was responsible for NW, it was NW 5.1 with no Zen.. So I am
now just getting back to administering a NW 6.5, which has zen included..
Here is what I would like to accomplish in the next little while..

Place of work is public education.

Current infrastructure:

Server = NW 6.5
PC = Windowsw XP SP2
Network = 100M switched
Security on student PC's = Bought product (Deep freeze).

How can Zenworks help me to accomplish the following?

#Imaging (this is setup, but I would like to know more)
#Security - so that we are not buying (Deep Freeze) - Can Zenworks
secure the XP PC's from the students, Deep Freeze does cost a lot of $$
#Ease of use - DLU so Windows XP does not prompt for 2nd passwrod etc.

Can someone point me in the right direction for these actions, it would
be great if there are any real life examples of similar situations and

Thanks for you help