Hello to all,

I am getting back to administering NW, been away from the technical
side for a while, so really getting back to technical in general.

When I left about 4 years ago, I was administering NW 5.1 with no Zen
capabilities.. I have taken a job with the public school sector, they are
running NW 6.5 with ZEN active (I guess it comes with NW 6.5)..

Here is the current setup, and questions that I have.

#Currently using Zen imaging. Works but flakey
#Switched LAN 100MB CAT 5E ethernet.
#Windows XP Pro - Using security software on students PC's (Deep


I would like to learn how to use ZEN works to my advantage, so here
are some of the items that I would like to do:

#Being in a school environment, I would like to see what it can do for

Security - Can we get rid of (eep freeze) Can Zenworks secure the PC's
from the students?
What other ZEN tools would benifit us in a school environment? If I
can reduce administration, reduce costs for purchasing software etc, how
can this be accomplished.. If there are any real life examples out there,
can you please share with me?

Thanks for your help