So kudos to Novell for finally bundling a 802.1X supplicant into the
Novell client. They *almost* got it right.

The client does work, and the buggyness that I saw in the beta of the
client seems to have been fixed.

The issue that I have with the client is that there is no easy way for our
end users to switch between a wireless login and a wired login. Sure, you
could tell them to mark the 802.1X check box under the advanced login
portion of the login prompt - but this is seen as a major inconvenience to
most of my users, and our support staff will get bombarded with calls from
"confused" users.

I'd like to see a way to configure the client so that it would try a LAN
connection first (without 802.1X) - and if that fails to try a wireless
connection via 802.1X

Is there a way to do this without a 3rd party client?