We have a BES server running on a Windows 2003 server. Most of our users
that have wireless devices don't use BlackBerry's, so they use GMS (running
on a different server).

About 4 months ago, I set up the BES for one user. Her setup was working
fine. She left the company about a month ago. Now the owner of the company
got a BB, and he wants his set up. Of course, NOW it's giving me grief, and
I don't even know where to begin looking for what's wrong.

I was able to add him to the BES, so I know it's "seeing" the GroupWise
system. However, his newly created user ID simply says "Initializing", and
does nothing further.

If I try to set him up from the device, it causes some emails to be sent to
his GroupWise account, but his BES account still shows "initializing"

Can anyone tell me where I should begin troubleshooting?