Hey all, I'm having a strange problem with my ACU settings. We were
recently using 4.91 SP2, and the ACU settings were working just fine. If I
ever needed to make a change to the client, I would just change the minor
version to a higher number and clients would receive the update.

We have just decided to update to SP4. Thinking that this was just another
update, I changed my unattend.txt file to major version = 2 instead of 1.
When I run "Update Novell Client" from a client's workstation, it will see
that it has SP2 (1.2) and wants to upgrade to SP4 (2.0). When I press
"Yes" to install the update, instead of updating like it normally would I
get a window with a bunch of switches and explanations.

Example: Setupnw [/ACU] [/U[:path to unattended file]] [/SL[:path to
status log file]] [/508] [/?]

Can someone give me a hand in setting this up so that I can run updates
through ACU? Thank you in advance.