I have a BM 3.7 proxy running on NW 5.1 and on physical hardware. I want to
convert it to a NW 6.5 server running BM 3.9 on a VM under VMWare.

I was wondering if I could just install a new server into the tree with NW 6.5
on it, install BM 3.9 on it with the appropriate new licenses, get all the rules
set back up like they are on the old one, and then point everyone to the new VM
and remove the old server from the tree?

I guess the real question is, will the BM 3.9 lics coexist with the BM 3.7 lics,
even though the 3.9 lics are supposed to be an upgrade of the 3.7 lics? Can I
have the two associated with different servers?

Terry Davis
Sr. Network Administrator