Hello All,

I'm having a few problems and need some guidance to resolve this issue.

1. We have a long file/folder structure ie.

/Client/0706 02 Sacramento CA Bldg/Admin Files Scanned/H
Subcontractors/H1 Sublist/

and we have a user that claims she's copying data to the path
specified but when she goes back to append information the original
file is not there. I found a technet article that resembles this issue
I looked for the file in our backups but it isn't there. We're running
OES SP2 on the linux Kernel, NSS on EVMS Volumes, Directory Quotas,
Backup, Salvage and Unix Namespace for the Volume attributes.

2. We have a Powerpoint file and when user1 opens the file, all is well.
When user2 attempts to open the file they get the file is
Open message. What happens is that when user1 saves his/her changes
it says that the file is opened by user2 the only option user1 has is
to save the file as version2. Is this an application issue or
filesystem issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated..