I'm on a temp work assignment -- 6 to 8 weeks filling in for the "Novell
person" at a school system.

After killing off several "intractable" problems that baffled the staff here
for months in my first week (woo hoo!) they've tasked me w/ updating from
Backup Exec running on a Netware server to BE on a new Windows server (dual
processors, 4T of hard drive space, etc). The system will back up some 22
Windows machines, 13 Novell machines, 3 SANS and 1 Linux box. We've got a
LTO tape library, as well as a coupe of smaller LTO autoloaders. Heck, they
have so much stuff that I'm still finding more every day....

Uh, the last time I touched BE-NT was version 8.5, some 5 years ago, and I
was backing up 3 servers.

Does anyone here have experience w/ such backup system? Any words of wisdom
(no, dumping BE isn't in the cards here)?


Tim Wohlford