we've setup a new server which doesn't seem to "kick-in" with pxe,

Dhcp and pxe runs on this server so option 60 is used,

dhcp seems to work, and client responds, but pressing cntrl-alt gives
no menu,, just a quick "flash" of blue on top of the screen and
nothing more.

tried enabling pxeloggin on the server, which gave an empty file
stating zenpxe ...and nothing else.

Bootcd from the HP6 works on the same machine,
also tested by doing a zisclear...

Any ideas ??

reading the info for HP6, it refers to hp2 needs to be installed prior
to using the HP6 if using PXE,

We've has zen7 for desktops with Sp1 and then applied hp6 and the
pxepatches... couldn't find any hp2...