Got a question to see if anyone can provide some clues. I currently have a
PE2850 that is awaiting part replacements for the RAID components. I am
having problems booting up past loadstage 0. The boot was hanging at the
Checking local drives line.

While I am waiting for parts, I decided to pull RAID components from
another working PE2850 with exactg same hardware, firmware, and
configuration. I wanted to ensure that replacing the RAID components would
solve the issue.

Well it confirm our toughts of bad RAID hardware, but it did not fixed
all. Now when I boot, it fails to load the PEDGE3 module. It gives me an
INIT FAIL. Then it does continue to the rest of the loadstages, but
wihtout PEDGE3 being loaded I am unable to access the disks. So it is
basically loaded with colons.

I did copy known good pedge3.ham and pedge3.ddi files. I also downloaded
the latest drivers (pedge3) from Dell with no luck on the boot.

My guess is that I may have additional hardware that is failing... but I
may be wrong and it may be something else. Has anyone encounter this or
may have an idea as to why it would fail to load. There is no issues
during the BIOS and Controller boot.

The only other thing is to remove the IDEATA.NLM line from startup.ncf,
but that was there before the server went down and never had any issues.