nw65sp6 BM3.9

Our school district has students that take courses over the internet at a
virtual highschool. The university that sponsors the classes has made
teamspeak a requirement for some of the classes.

I am trying to setup teamspeak to work through BM.

According to the teamspeak documentation it should work with just UDP port
8767 open.

I have made an access rule allowing just port 8767 and even ports 1-15000
to the teamspeak server. Because the computers are setup to access the
internet through a proxy, and teamspeak does not use proxies. I get all
sorts of errors.

The teamspeak client of course will not find the server by DNS as no proxy
config. But even when configured with the server IP it gives me an error
that the server is not available.

When tested outside of BM the server is infact available.

Anyone have any ideas on this.