I have a customer that is running iPrint on NW65 SP6. I have set up about
12 printers for the users to use with iPrint. All the printer except one
are working wonderfully. The printer that is having the issue is a Sharp
MX2300N. The workstations that are using the printer are Windows XP SP2
with all of the updates applied. The printer seems to be very slow to
respond. When in MS Word or Wordpad and trying to print to this printer
the workstation looks like it hangs then all of a sudden the print dialog
comes up and the user can print without any problems (workstation will
hang for 2-3 minutes). If the machine is rebooted, and MS Word is
launched, it takes a long time to load then comes up with an error "The
printer has not yet responded, but the Microsoft Office program may be
able to proceed without printer information. Do you want to continue?"
(the problem printer is the default printer) Selecting yes allows word to
finish launching. When attempting to print, it is slow to bring up the
print dialog box. If another printer is set to default, Word launches,
but when trying to print, the dialog box takes a long time to come up. I
have removed the iprint printer and installed the NDPS printer, it seems
to work just fine. (would rather use iprint so the users can install
their own printers when they want to) I have set the printer up in two
different ways without success (here are the gateway settings for both
ways I have configured it)
HOSTNAME=reception-printer.domain.com PRINTERNAME=lp


clients are running: Netware client 4.91 SP4, iPrint client 4.30. I have
tried the PCL6 and PCL5c driver for this printer.

all other printers work flawlessly.

Anybody have an suggestins for fixes?

Thanks in advance for your assistance