We have a nw6.5 server,lastest sp, all was well until today,we use
winscp to transfer files to it through ssh on port 22.Winscp logs in
and asks for password and then comes back with access denied, no matter
what user i use, we have not changed passwords for anyone, also
imanager no longer works all i'am presented with is an 'imanger does
not respond ' message when i try to connect through nrm or page cannot
bedisplayed when connecting in either firefox or IE,i can connect to
nrm for the server in question, no changes have been made to the server
or edir or config files on the server.I have stopped and reloaded ssh,
still the same problem, also have restarted the server, same
problems.Have ran a dsrepair twice and no errors reported
If in console1 and i right click on the server and go to Launch Portal
it brings me to the NRM Login page, which allows me to login,trying to
get to imanager from there gives me a message iManager does not respond
on <server ip>

any ideas are welcome