I am installing a new NW65 SP6 server on a dell 2950. I have gotten
through most of the install process. It now asks me to restart the
server which I do and the Novell screen pops up. Then it goes to a
console screen. If I go to the list of screens there are only two
listed, console and logger. But when I type in a 2 to go the logger
screen, it pops up three 2s. So 222. It does this for everything that
I type. If I press the key on the keyboard it repeats it twice.

Now if I hit the power button on the server, it goes to the logger
screen to tell me it is shutting down. There I see an error saying that
NICI CCS Fatal initialization error. Controlled cryptography services
are not available settings_admin volumes ID.

Any ideas what is going on here? I have tried plugging in another
keyboard, with no luck. I am using a Dell 2160as KVM.