Ok on a site I am on, someone asks me a question about things not
working right for them in these Java apps. So I ask what they are
running.. Vista 64 and Java 1.6.2

I said ok how much ram do you have? 2 GB.

Why are you running Vista 64 then? You're going to run into quirks and
compatibility issues that you won't get using the 32 bit version.

"I haven't run into any so far"

"Really? Then why are we having this conversation?"

I tried to tell them that it takes more disk space, more ram, and
generally 64 bit is going to be slower than 32 bit unless you have an
application that takes so much ram it can avoid swapping to disk by
using the extra ram. And that only works if you have more than Vista 32
can deal with. Plus most applications (read Adobe) won't make use of
the extra memory even if you do have Vista 64.

"Well I have a 64 bit processor, and there's no reason for me to run the
32 bit version."

Ok, I guess we're done then since you don't want my advice.