Im testing out OES2(NW6.5 SP7) to see how the new version of iPrint is
working. Mostly to see is iPrint for Vista is working.

And yes it seems iPrint for Vista is now working. There is some different
in how to add new drivers. For Vista you have to install printer-driver
first and then extract it to Broker. This is working almost perfect. Some
drivers are made different and some drivers you cant import to Broker.
I manage to import PS driver for Dell 3110cn, but i had to reboot the
computer after iPrint Client is installed before this was possible. I
could also import from Vistas driver-collection. I could't import driver
for Dell 1720dn of unknown reason, but the files in driver was organized

BTW: To install the Beta of iPrint Client you have to install two Vista
Hotfix. This are not on Windows Update and you have to get it from Tecknet
or other sources. iPrint Client tells you what hotfix you need.

So! My question is:
Have anyone tried to install SP7 iPrint on a SP6 Server? Is it possible
til upgrade or do we have to uninstall the old one and then install the
new iPrint?

Or are the new iPrint depended on SP7?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway