I'm interested in feedback regarding the value of utilizing clustering for
ZENworks 7 Desktop Managment.

We use the Remote Managment, NAL Database, Autoworkstation Import/Removal,
and Zenworks Desktop Agent Installer components of ZDM. With this in
mind, does it make sense to install ZDM in a cluster services environment?
I can't say I'm intimately familiar with the workings of these
components, but I want to say that most of it is eDir related, and
wouldn't take advantage of a cluster environment. The documentation
refers to configuring workstation imaging and workstation inventory in the
cluster, but makes no mention of the components we're using, so I would
think that means there is no need to configure them for clustering, and
therefore no value in installing ZDM as a clustered application.

Thoughts please.

Thank you very much.