The last time that I administered Novell servers, it was a little while
back.. At that time, I used NWadmin32 to do most of my admin processes
etc, Console1 was very limited, and I hardly used it for anything. I am
now administering NW 6.5 servers, what are the admin tools that I should
be using?

I know that Console1 is being used for creating users etc.. But I am
hearing about imanager. What admin tools should I be using for what
services? Are there any other admin tools that I should be using?

In the end, what administration tools would I use for administering
different services:


Console1 - User creation / Password reset / ZEN works admin
imanager - NDPS printers creation / NDPS admin
Are there any others?

Also, where do I find these admin tools? On the server sys/public