Hi, due to our organisational structure change etc.. we have been asked to
re-locate the 2 zenworks servers we have.
1) WFZEN - used for workstation import/removal & imaging server
2) WFZENINV - used for zenworks inventory

what do i need to change as far as ip addresses ..etc...so that at the new
site the servers come up without no problems and can continue to work as
they were.

I do no know much about zenworks configuration in re-locating a zen server
and the affects of changing ip address...gateway...etc..

Do i need to change any details of the zenworks objects in consoleone to
reflect the new ip address change...as well as the ip address managment
tool to change the ip address in imanager before i move the server.

Can anyone advise....step by step

Both servers are:
Netware 6.5sp5
Zenworks 6.5

any assistance would be greatly appreciated