Good Afternoon,

I have run into a very strange problem and can not find any answers.

After creating a sysprep installation for Windows XP Pro sp2, and I use
Zenworks to multicast it to other computers directly off the machine I
made the sysprep install on, everything works fine !!!

However, if I make a zen image and put it up to our network from that
machine and then try to bring it back down to another computer, it always
fails with:

"Setup.exe - Application Error" message: The instruction at "0x5f1a340b"
referenced memory at "0x00000014". The memory could not be "read". Then
the computer cycles through the same thing over and over.

I've had this problem for over 6 months and made quite a few images on
many different machines, and the exact same thing happens.

I recently went through the Hardware Independent Imaging ATT course and
used everthing I learned from that, and I have to admit, the images work
on whatever machines I have tried them on so far ... but I still have to
multicast directly from a machine, and they error when trying to take an
image off the network.

I'm using Zen6.5 sp2 I did read something about the Telephony service
not being started can cause that error, and I'm trying some testing now.
No results yet ...

Thank you for any help you can give,