hey all,

have discovered (with the help of a friend) a workaround for getting new
NIC's working with the ZENworks Imaging boot cd.

have tried posting the solution to coolsolutions but nothing seems to be
happening so thought i would post a message here.

basically a method on manually loading the NIC module and allowing you
to image up or down to a server.
it's not a solution in my mind as you still require manual intervention
but it will at least buy some time while you wait for a newer bootcd.iso
to come out.

process is a bit big for here, but please email me if you would like a
look and i would be happy to email it through.
and if it works for you, maybe leave a message to let others know if it
was useful/not so useful.

Leon Hewitt <l.hewitt@curtin.edu.au>
Curtin University of Technology