I have really strange problem.
We were using ZfD 4.01 and have applications organized in folders and
presented to users via start menu. All folders icons were nal standars
"red diamond" icons.
After upgrading agent to zdm7 sp1 (hp6) icons of nal folders in start menu
changed to windows default icons (like icon of Accessories folder).
But if I setup new computer and install zdm7 directly, all folder icons
are "red diamond" icons, as it should be so there must be problem either
with nalcache or registry settings of distributed applications. I have
deleted nalcache folder but no success.

My questions are:
1) in which dll nal explorer finds icon for folders, is there any setting
in registry
2) how can I get rid of standard windows icons in nal folders
3) can somebody just point me in which direction should I look

regs sebastijan