Hi everybody,
We're having trouble to backup our Netware 6.5 sp6 server.

The backup is so slow that it's impossible for us to do a full backup,
only incremental backup. However, from time to time, and we don't know the
reason, the full backup runs perfectly.

We are using HP Dataprotector version 5.5.

The server is connected to a SAN HP EVA5000, the fiber interface is a
QLA2312 (module is QL2X00.HAM, don't know the release).

The main issue is that we don't even know how to troubleshoot; there is no
error, nothing seems to be wrong except that the backup is taking ages.

Regular access to the file on the SAN is fast.

Appreciate if you could provide me with a way to 1. locate the source of
the problem 2. correct the problem.

Thank you.