With my SBS subscription coming to an end at the end of October I
inquired about my options with my Novell sales rep. Here is the reply.

Thanks for the email - It is perfect timing - we just released a new
Small Business bundle that is very strong - details at


I have also attached a PDF with additional information. It will be sold
as a 1 year subscription in a bundles of 5 users. Price will be $350
(list) per 5 users for 1 year. So for less than $70 per user per year -
you get a ton of stuff.

And here is what I sent him back.

I'll be honest with you I'm not feeling it. I don't like OpenOffice.
It's harder to use than Word or WordPerfect (which we currently use) and
it's free so I don't see any real added value there. Linux Desktop is
also useless to us as we are tied into Windows on the desktop. No added
value there. GroupWise is good, but why no ZENworks? OES Linux... (if
you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all).

This is what I'm looking for in a SBS. OES 2, GroupWise, ZENworks, and
Identity Manager (would be nice).

Let me apologize if I sound rather upset, but what Novell is offering as
a replacement to the previous SBS is really kind of a slap in the face.
I hope you are able to pass along the e-mail up the ladder to those
who decide what to offer small business customers.

I'm also hoping that you might be able to pass along some information
about what small business customers can expect after OES 2 is released.
OES 2 looks very promising and is one very compelling reason for me to
continue on with Novell.

While I can understand that many small business probably aren't going to
use anything more than a Linux server and GroupWise I just don't see the
value in what they currently offer, well not at $70 a users. While what
I requested maybe a bit much for a SBS it would at least make that $70
look better.

Novell has lot's of really great products, but it just seems like they
don't care a bit about small businesses. It's almost like they are
throwing a bone to the whining dog just to shut him up.