NetWare 6.5 SP6+ to 6.5 SP6+ across-the-wire migration. Gig unmanaged switch, with PC / 2 servers / router plugged into it. PC/servers connecting at Gig/full - IP only. We're using the latest TSAFS.NLM on both servers. Plenty of disk space on all drives. Purge done on all vols. Pkidiag good.

NDS is healthy, timesync/slp happy. Using latest SCMT utilty. Destination server is setup in pre-mig state. All major apps unloaded on source server. Compression is set on both servers. Source server is TFS, Destination server is NSS.

When we start the SCMT, we drop the files to be migrated over and then start the Copy process. It fails with the error message below, right after the messages that both servers have connected to each other.

I don't see anything out of the ordinary with the volume names. I ran through the various DSRepair advanced options on both servers, and don't have any errors.

We tried doing it from a clean PC as well, with the same error. Win XP SP2, Novell clients tried are 4.91 SP2 and SP4.

Volume names: SYS VOL1 ADMIN

Here's the error message that pops up, followed by the error log. Any ideas of where to look would be appreciated.



************************************************** ***************

Error Log

Project: C:\Documents and Settings\ASIMMONS\My Documents\devtest10\devtest10.mdb

Date: 09/25/07 Time: 18:28:42

************************************************** ***************

************************************************** ***************

Start File System Copy

Project: 'C:\Documents and Settings\ASIMMONS\My Documents\devtest10\devtest10.mdb'

Date: '09/25/07' Time: '18:33:17'


Source Tree: 'DEV_TREE'

Source Server: '.AZ-SW1.SW.AZ.DEVEREUX'

Destination Tree: 'SWMIGRATION'

Destination Server: '.SWNW65MIG.MIGRATE'

************************************************** ***************

- An error occurred migrating the files. --- Error caused by a NetWare API error --- Network error: Volume invalid (Error code: 0X8998 Function Name: NWGetVolumeNumber)

************************************************** ***************

Process stopped date: 09/25/07 Time: 18:33:48

Elapsed time: Days: 0 Hours: 00 Minutes: 00 Seconds: 31

************************************************** ***************