Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but here goes:

We currently have about 500GB of Mac files on a Netware 5.1 NSS volume.
The clients are using the ProSoft IP client. We need to retire this old
server and move the files off it. We would also like to eliminate the
Prosoft client. We could possibly copy the files to our SAN based NW 6.5
NCS cluster and use NFAP. The problem is the SAN is short on space and
more space is not due until January.

We tried copying the files to an NTFS volume on a Windoze 2003 server.
Apparently NTFS is a lot more picky than NSS about allowable characters in
Mac file paths (and path length) and gave tons of errors when trying to
copy. Over half the files would not copy even though the Windoze box was
set up for Mac support.

Our guys are now considering an Apple X-Server as an option. However, we
could build an OES Linux box with enough disk space for a big NSS volume.
Since the files are coming off NSS, I would think they would copy OK to
NSS. Anyone have experience with OES Linux, NSS and Macs? What support
does OES Linux have for Macs? I'm thinking we might be able to use Samba
on the Linux box and the SMB access option built into the Mac.