Having a hard time getting this simple batch script to run as a zen object.

Essentially I want to create a registry key with the current year-month-day value as a string.

I create an app object and put the script under distribution scripts and set the engine location to "%*winsysdir%\cmd.exe /C", but I don't get the key created. Here is the script, any help would be greatly appreciated;


IF EXIST %<WINDISK>\swsetup\zenDeployStatus.reg DEL %<WINDISK>\swsetup\zenDeployStatus.reg

ECHO Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 > %<WINDISK>\swsetup\zenDeployStatus.reg
ECHO; >> %<WINDISK>\swsetup\zenDeployStatus.reg
ECHO [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\My Company] >> %<WINDISK>\swsetup\zenDeployStatus.reg
ECHO "zenDeployStatus"="%YEAR-%MONTH-%DAY" >> %<WINDISK>\swsetup\zenDeployStatus.reg

@%<WINDIR>\regedit.exe /s %<WINDISK>\swsetup\zenDeployStatus.reg