We have a new vBulletin interface to our forums that is ready for you to
test. http://forums.novell.com

If you are a web interface user, give this new interface a try and give us
feedback on what you think (Contact Us link on the bottom of those forum
pages) Some improvements available:

1 - Registration. You no longer have to enter your email address every
time you want to post a message. We will soon have these forums tied into
your Novell login account to make it even easier.

2 - Email notification: You can subscribe to a forum or a specific thread
and get notified via email when there is activity there.

3 - Ratings: If you like what someone posts, you can give that
person a reputation bump. You'll be able to see the reputation of the
person responding to your question. If you think a particular discussion
is good and/or important, you can give that thread a rating.

4 - Message marking: You will be able to tell which messages you have
already read and which ones you haven't.

5 - Search: There is a comprehensive search engine available from the
group, forum, or thread level.

6 - Display mode. You can choose if you want the threads to appear in
threaded, linear, or hybrid mode.

7 - And without a doubt the most important improvement and the entire
reason we've gone to the bother to make this update is that you can now
upload an avatar that will appear next to messages you post if you so

8 - Yada, yada, yada. You tell us what you think. Give it a go


The NNTP interface will remain available for those that prefer to use a