I am trying to outline the migration process for print services from
Netware to OES Linux. My print guy is out, so I'm trying to figure this
our myself.

I would like to determine whether we are running NDPS or iPrint on our
Netware server. I see both the NDPSM module (for the NDPS Manager) and
NDPSGW (Gateway) modules loaded along with the IPPSRVR module, which is
the Novell iPrint Server. Based on this information, are we running
iPrint, or still using NDPS (I assume iPrint)?

I have found three articles regarding the migration process (the actual
iPrint Admin Guide simply says use the Server Consolidation Utility and
then update DNS, which seems overly simplistic):

Complete NetWare to OES Linux Migration Guide:

OES Migration:

Migration of iPrint services from NetWare to OES Linux:

These three all appear to be NDPS to iPrint migrations, and if we're
already using iPrint on Netware, then I don't think they are the best

Can someone tell me if this is going to be strictly iPrint on Netware to
iPrint on OES Linux, and if so, if there is better documentation?

Thank you.