We have installed our second OES within a tree with about 10 NW-servers.
But this one does not speed very fine. Sometimes it will not respond
fast engough. The Users (especialy the CAD-users) are complaining about
the speed, sometime to looks like the server stocks in a way.
There are only a few user on this server. Around 10.
Quad-Core-HP-server, 4GB RAM, Raid-5 with Smartarry controller.
Edir-Partition on it and nam.conf point on the old NW-server beside on
this site. Both server have also a replica of the Org-Partiton.

What can we do, check, optimize ....


the fist OES, we installed on an other site, speeds fine, with about 30-40
users. I enhanced the treats in Nam.conf but without any better result.