On my NW65SP6 LDAP seems to be having problems.

The web interface appears, after typing
the username and password and hit the login button the page waits, and
waits, and waits......

I can still access the port 81.

When I checked the console I found out that APACHE has some problems
with LDAP. The screen displays

Configured LDAP was ready to use.
NIF CertHandler: Root certificate file for master ldap not found,
requesting a new one from server
NIF CertHandler: # Root Certs=1
NIF CertHandler: Retrieved certificate of size=1318
*MASTER[servername.domain.com][-1] ldap_simple_bind : Timed out(85)
ldap *MASTER[servername.domain.com] down
LDAP initialization failed. Check LDAP and restart apache.
LDAP initialization failed.

I have tried using PKIDIAG but no errors were found.

Any idea ?