Hi Folks,

Got a bit of a convoluted request here.

I'm trying to figure out if I can do the following:

I have created a directory on my vol1 volume called TSHome. On my citrix boxes I have identified that the TS home directory should be Server\Vol1\TSHome\Username. If I give "Root" all rights to Vol1\TShome then when a user establishes a TS session his TS home directory is created under Vol1\TSHome. This works great except that if the user browses up a level to Vol1\TShome they can see all of the other user directories there.

Is there a set of rights I can assign which will allow users to create a directory at the root of Vol1\Tshome and not be able to see any of the other user directories at the same level, while still retaining full rights in the created directory?

Am I making sense?