Just had to rescue a file for one of my users. He'd created a directory tree
structure that exceeded 200 characters in length. eg.
\\mapped_drive_letter\folder1\folder2\folder3\fold er4\folder5\folder6 was
over 200 characters. In the final folder he created a filename for a single
document that, when added to the file path, was 276 characters in length.

Having done so, he could no longer open, copy or rename the file. He'd run
afoul of the 256 character limitation. (or is it 219.)

Using a workstation that was NOT running the Netware client, but using
CIF's, I defined a drive map letter of G that pointed directly to "Folder6".
I could now go to this G drive and rename the file to something considerably
shorter, something that could be opened without exceeding the 256 character

I'm just curious though, is this a windows operating system problem or a
netware client problem?

I had tried the same trick on a machine running the Netware client (4.91sp2)
and Netware's "Novell Map Network Drive" utility, but upon accessing the G
drive and the long filename, I couldn't change it.

Is there a setting in either the Netware client (4.91sp2) or Netware 6.5sp5
which would permit me to access files with a path\filename combination in
excess of 256 characters?

Just curious.