Been surfing the forums and googled,
the message seems to be that the limit IS on the WS, 260 characters

But,, right now we have run into a wall,
One of our clients have purchased another company in the other side of
the country. They have been using W2k03 servrs with XP clients.
Our client on the other hand is using NW6.5/sp6 servers and XP clients
with 4.91/sp3 nw clients.

Issue is;
We've received a couple off USB drives with their projektdata
(cad related mostly ) and,, we can't copy all of it to the NW server.

The longer paths and/or filenames is the issue.

We've actually tried by having windows explorer open twice,
one showing the full path on the USB drive including the filename,
The other, showing a netware mapped drive, same as above minus 1
directory and/or filename.

if we then try to create another directory on the server, it's doesnt
work and states "to long" or somehing,, same thing if copying a file
to the server.

So,, if the issue was related to windows and the WS,, how come it's
working on the USB drive but not mapped to the NW server ?

Also,, any ideas for a work-around ?,, as stated,, cad-people and this
is their projectfiles,, messing around with the path's have the risk
of messing up their drawings and structury in their projects.