I am learning zen imaging and decided to start with manuel workstation Imaging. I get the message "could not mount source/destination partition" trying to image C --> D.

- I am using zenworks 7 sp1 CD-ROM iso image to boot in Linux;
- Workstation is HP DC5000 and laptop Thinkpad R51;
- Partitions are both NTFS set to primary;
- I tryed with the command line and the "Windowed" program
Command line I used are various :img makel2 /test.zmg
img makel1 /test.zmg
-I dont have a Zenworks imaging partition;
- I did not set up setting.txt.
- When i do img dump, I see my two volumes (C: and D:)

I am looking on documentation other on what i found on Novell doc place. Seem hard to figure out what kind of partition are supported. Also, it seems that that I dont need to have a Zen partition. Do I need to mount volume?