Unfortunately we cannot find the next error codes of the TSA:

TSA error code: fffcffce;
TSA error code: fffcffcd

We received these codes when we wanted to make a backup to HP DAT72 via
Here is the part of the acticity log of the TSA:
"QMAN-6.50: 9-29-2007 12:02:34 pm : INFORMATION
Started SMS job proba mentes on media PROBA

SME-6.50: 9-29-2007 12:02:37 pm : ERROR
Job Name: proba mentes
Error: SMSDI unable to write to the media. Check if the media is write
TSA error code: fffcffce"

The tapes were not write protected. We are using OES 6.5 Sp6 +HP internal
DAT72 SCSI + HP ProLiant ML150G3 server + HP Singel Channel U320 SCSI G2
Host Bus Adapter.

Can anybody help ?